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the Horror Hall Haunted House is a "no touch" , creepstyle  haunted house tour .

The "no touch" , Creepstyle Haunted House  is open  for public viewing only several days a year . With original sets, soundtracks , costuming, props, artworks , and various other genuine articles of interest ,youre sure to have  a memorable experience .Photo ops abound and are welcome , although cameras /cell phones are NOT allowed inside the HOUSE . . permanent facilities  (restrooms ) ? yes .  Family friendly ? Yes  .....and then theres the Mushroom Patch . .


greetings from  Horror Hall Haunted House

  • 2018 haunting season begins Friday October 12th . Every Friday and Saturday evening 7 p.m.-10 p.m. throughout October . On October 31st   gates open from 6p.m. till midnight at the HorrorHall 

comments from survivors ( some of our favorites

survivors from the Horror Hall Haunted House

  1. you guys are the real thing !                                                            how did i not know about this place ?                                                              it was scary but cool               AWESOME !                                                             " *******" awesome !                                                                                                                        best haunted house ive ever been to    LOVED IT !                                                                    O M G !                                                                    better than any we saw in L.A. !     we come every year  Thankyou !                                                                 first time ever in a haunted house , loved it !                                                                     I peed                                                                     

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the HorrorHall Haunted House is a proud supporter of the Alamogordo Evening Lions

the HorrorHallhaunted house is a proud supporter of the Alamogordo Evening Lions Club

Mushroom Patch opens for touring

the 12,000 pound mushroom ,currently The Mushroom Patch is near cmpletion  and is now open to tour !


what age limit does  haunted house have ?                                 Horror Hall does not have age limits .  that is your decision to make .    what if i cant make it all the way through , or even past the  tunnel ?                                                                     ** NO REFUNDS ** policy .                                                                    You Enter at your own risk .